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amahandishala.com is an authentic destination for foodies searching for traditional recipes from Odisha! We have our registered headquarters at Bhubaneshwar- The capital city of the state. Odisha is an Indian State located in the eastern side and popular for its rich bio-diversity, culture, history and cuisines. Panning from Balasore to Ganjam, every district and city serves distinct recipes with unique taste. Apart from the fusion of modern recipes, Odisha serves many of the popular and amazing recipes for which people around the world do not miss to taste the regional and traditional foods of Odisha while they visit the state.

We believe most of the people have keen interest in tasting unique foods! It is not always possible to visit the particular destinations to which the recipes belong. We collect information about the most delicious, authentic and traditional dishes from different locations of Odisha. You may have heard about the traditional dishes from Odisha and may even have got the chance to taste few of the dishes. But getting authentic steps of preparation and collecting information about the ingredients required for preparing the dishes would be icing on the cake!

If you love to try your magical fingers in your kitchen by experimenting on different unique dishes, amahandishala.com can be your trusted partner. With us, you can explore the rich and varied cuisines from Odisha and get the secret behind preparation of the most popular and loved traditional dishes. We bring the most nutritious recipes that are quite healthier apart from being mouthwatering.

We have a grand collection of dishes in our sections for vegans and non-vegans. On our portal, you can get detailed information about the real ingredients responsible behind making the dish unique and tastier. We have information about wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks. The sweet aroma and delicious taste of the dishes make it unique.

Our web portal is designed with user-friendly features that make it easier for anyone to access our website and source information about the traditional dishes. Our aim is to popularize each of the traditional dishes from Odisha globally. Odisha is gaining appreciation and love overseas and our motto is to make the bond stronger! Rich and varied culture and history of Odisha attracts everyone and Amahandishala aims to help the tradition of Odisha to reach everyones home.

Amahandishala also welcomes everyone to share their regional and unique recipes. We respect the authors and give them due recognition as they deserve.

AmaHandiShala not only introduces the amazing traditional recipes from Odisha! We are the authentic stop for quick-service order and online delivery platform. We are open to receive your orders. Take a look on our menu list and as per your interest place your order! Just make a phone call and your order will be delivered as per the estimated time.

We have a team of specialized chefs having wide experience in preparing the traditional foods in the most authentic way to maintain the regional taste! Apart from regular dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our chefs prepare special dishes on any celebration day or as per your request. The chefs are well trained to follow the safety standards of preparing the dishes and maintain high-quality of every dish.

Take a look on the gorgeous photos of the lip smacking dishes and place order. Your parcel will be delivered before you are ready for lunch or dinner or breakfast! We have tagged the most minimal price for the dishes!

Our vision is to set a benchmark of authentic Odia cuisine globally! Taste the delicious traditional dishes from Odisha with AmaHandiShala.

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